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Businesses looking to run ads profitable and add an extra dimension to their business.

Businesses looking to scale their business exponentially using battle-tested advertising methods.

Businesses looking to crush their competition and scaling up rapidly & profitably.

Businesses looking for an agency with a proven track record that puts getting results a priority.

Businesses looking to attract customers flocking to them with their wallets out.

What our clients say

“When we started working with D-DOUBLEU MEDIA I was very skeptical. We had already worked with 3 agencies and all three made a mess of it. In the end I got my co-founder to give it one more try. Very glad we did, because the results have been crazy. In 4 months, our revenue has increased by 3.2X. In addition, I can now focus on other parts in the business. D-DOUBLEU MEDIA does not only help with advertising itself; they regularly create creatives for us, come up with ideas and strategies for our video editor and think along with everything about growth 🔥 from landing pages to product launches. I can recommend them to everyone.”


Founder Smoothly

“Dennis and the team have really supercharged our business and have taken things to the next level! They are amazing at what they do and have allowed us to shift our focus to other areas of the business while they look after our growth. I love that they’re super knowledgeable and also help us with other aspects of our business like optimising our website and landing pages. They have also been doing wonders for our Google Ad account. I highly recommend D-DOUBLEU MEDIA if you are looking to grow your eCommerce business.”


Founder Luxe Bouquet

“We've used a couple of paid media agencies previously and had to jump around because of expectations not met, but we no longer need to do that. D-DOUBLEU MEDIA has smashed all our expectations and I would recommend them to everyone. Our expectations of a paid media agency have gone from very low to very high since working with them.”

Norman & Charlotte

Founders Grandma Crunch

“The great thing with Dennis and the team is that they don’t just focus on the ads that bring money in, which they do a fantastic job with, They’ve also helped us improve our online store, improve our conversion rate, helped give us advice on many other channels to grow our business. Working with them is not just about the ads, it’s about the whole business. They will help you skyrocket the business.” 

Dave Hall

Co-Founder Manhua Cha

“Before working with D-DOUBLEU MEDIA we’ve struggled to get our own organic sales and had no ad revenue from Facebook or any social media. With the help of D-DOUBLEU MEDIA, we’ve grown our sales by over 1,200% and this also helped us gain a brand new target audience and expand to America and all around the world.”

Sean Pratt

Co-Founder Blanc Menswear

“I went from £15k per month to over £100k per month in the first 3 months of using D-DOUBLEU MEDIA The team is very hands-on and very helpful to brainstorm and future develop the brand on our catchup calls every 2 weeks. Our experience with this agency has been very good over the 2 years we have been working together.”


Founder Northern Garms